About ...

I created this site to help others. Every day I come across a problem that I have to look to what others have shared of their experience, or find a manual, white paper, etc. We have all been there. Matter of fact you would not be here now if it was not for that same reason, unless you are just hoping to learn more about me personally.

I have been in the world of Information Technology since high school starting in 1984. I started off with Microsoft DOS 2.1. We thought we were cool with and Intel 80386 processor, dual 360K floppy drives and only 64K of RAM. Now today I have my Macbook Pro with 16 Gigabytes of RAM and  a 128GB Solid State Drive. It is really amazing how technology has evolved in the past 40 years.

Today I focus on Site Reliability and Security. As of April 2021 I am working with cloud infrastructure supporting the sharing of Medical Imaging, Artificial Intelligence used to identify possible medical conditions, AI to verify accuracy of doctors notes, secure instant messaging and much more.

So here on this site you can look forward to tips and tricks to solve problems and much more!